On february 2021, we participated on the Nokia 3310 Jam 3, and developed the game prevailance as our entrie. The game was inspired on “Journey of the Prairie King” a minigame inside Stardew Valley that has same mechanics.The game is currently being tested on the Jam and we’ll post again with the results.If you want …

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Re-launching Nordeste

We’re relaunching Nordeste: A Cordel Story due to a couple o reasons. We started taking RFC Studios seriously and we are trying to make it into a business We really like this project and to see it thrive, so we took it back to beta and we are putting in more effort to make it a real …

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Hello there!

Hello There Hi There GIF from Hellothere GIFs This is the official RFC Studios blog, or post page, or thing we put our ideias on.We’ll be sharing random facts or the progress on the projects we’re working on. For more direct interaction, you can send us “hi” @rfcstudios on twitter